The efficiency of signal intelligence operations and spectrum monitoring is considerably increased when several DF stations are linked in a DF Network with a centralized control centre. A DF Network ensures execution of more complex radio monitoring tasks, while simplyifing around the clock DF missons, where several DF Operator shifts are necessary. HuntMaster's remote DF Station data sharing provides an opportunity for the DF Operator to access all resources on the DF Network from a centralized HuntMaster DF Centre. 


When a customer is planning to develop a modern Signal Intelligence Systems, DF Networks are essential for most applications. HuntMaster Net is a full featured multi-site DFMapping tool, where data coming in from remote DF stations (both mobile or fixed sites) are clearly displayed over a georeferenced map of the terrain. As remote DF Stations are controlled by HuntMaster, totally unmanned DF sites are possible.


Multiple DF Sites become a HuntNET (Network of linked DF Stations) when interconnected via VPN (through Internet or GSM Networks). Each remote site is composed by a PC Workstation, a DF Processor Unit, a Radio Receiver, GPS and proper DF antennas. The PC Computer runs HuntMaster Net, connecting the DF hardware into the HuntNET network, which can then be accessed by any HuntMaster Workstation on the network. Control and Data information flows bi-directionally from the HuntMaster Workstation acting as the Control Center to each remote DF Station. With this toplogoy, a HuntMaster Network is capable of controlling several fixed/mobile stations, taking all measurements at the same time. The Bearing Lines will be plotted on a single map in the DF Control Center Computer. All the DF Mission information will be stored in a single Mission File for later retrival. 


Each DF Station can be 'paired' to only one HuntMaster Workstation at the time. Nevertheless, a HuntNET network supports different DF Stations to be paired to various HuntMaster Workstations running different missions simulaneously on the same HuntNET. As long as two HuntMaster Net stations don't need to use the same DF station, they can operate at the same time.


Before initiating a DF mission, HuntMaster Net operator can select which of the DF stations from the pool available in the HuntNET he is going to 'pair' to during his mission. To do so, he needs to drag&drop the DF Stations he is going to use from the list of on-line 'DF Stations' into the Group of Stations he is going to 'pair' during the mission. Once the appropiate list of stations is on the Group list, then pressing the 'Paring Button' will lock those stations to any other HuntMaster Net Worksation on the HuntNET, and will sync bi-directional control and data information between the newly created group of DF Sites. Various different Groups can be created a-priori, for fast mission startup. Simplyfing even more the 'pairing' to those stations required for each type of mission.


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