HuntMaster Software suit has different software modules to fulfill civilian, information gathering (SigInt) and military tactical requirements. The following software editions are available:


  • HuntMaster Viewer: Non-DF capable release of the product intended to open mission files, waypoint files, and to be used for training and data analysis and retrival processes. This release is not capable of connecting to any DF hardware, nor local neither remote.
  • HuntMaster Express: Complete DF Mapping and DF Solution for fixed-site and mobile missions. Its intended for local single operator applications, for remote tasking operations where only one DF Station is available, and for unmanned/standalone operation applications.
  • HuntMaster Net: DF Network ready release. Has built-in GMS, Internet, and TCP/IP data communication to interconnect with remote DF Sites. Has full featured multi-site DF tools. DF information from a group of remote DF stations (both mobile or fix sites) are clearly displayed and controlled from a single HuntMaster Net Control Station.
  • HuntMaster Server: On HuntNets bigger than 5 Control Workstations running HuntMaster, and more than 10 DF Sites, it is recomented to use a Client-Server architecture to reduce network traffic. This is accomplished by installing a HuntMaster Server, with its associated license. For high reliability networks a second Backup Server should be considered. 

Each PC where HuntMaster is intended to be used requires an individual license. Purchased licenses are validated through the use of a USB Dongle Key that should be connected at startup in any valid PC computer the product has been activated in. Therefore, the customer should purchase one license per computer where he intends to use the software. Based on your specific project needs we can provide a proper quotation that fulfills any technical requirements with the appropriate licensing requirements.


All commercial licenses for HuntMaster include 12 months of free upgrades, email and remote desktop support. After this period you can purchase support contracts that provide an additional 12 months of upgrades and support. Our complete warranty statement is available here: HuntMASTER Warranty


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