HuntMaster's 'Station Controller' Module is a Windows graphical user interface window for the control of the DF bearing processors and selected host receivers, providing simultaneous control of both the DF processor and host receiver in a tightly integrated, intuitive, and unified format.  'Station Controller' is an easy-to-operate virtual DF receiver that permits the user to fully control a DF Station Hardware via local (USB) or remote (TCP/IP) digital connections.

Even though 'Station Controller' seems to be a simple remote control interface, inside it has all the logic of a multi-site coordination server , where any change on 'Station Controller' will be forward to all DF Stations which are part of the current DF mission. Making sure that all these DF sites are operating on the same frequency reception mode, antena band, etc. This communication takes place using a robust protocol, capable of operating even under low network bandwidth and heavy packet lost conditions.


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