View of our Headquarter's Office BuildingOur company provides solutions for a wide range of commercial and intelligence RDF applications. HuntMaster offers a complete technological solutions to the most demanding RDF applications. Offering our customers an extensive portfolio of radio direction finding system configurations to fulfill his specific needs. With more than three decades of involvement in RDF technology, we have a complete solution portfolio for each customer:

  • Land mobile RDF systems for radio regulatory enforcement
  • Land mobile RDF systems for radio intelligence
  • Fixed Site VHF/UHF radio direction finding
  • Shipboard RDF for surveillance and ESM
  • Airborne VHF/UHF radio direction finding for manned or unmanned surveillance

RDF Products designs and manufactures professional-quality radio direction finding (RDF) equipment for land-mobile, fixed-site, vehicle tracking and location, shipboard, and airborne radio direction finding missions.  These radio direction finders are carefully designed precision-built units employing true Adcock/Watson-Watt DF technology, and have been extensively and effectively deployed for a wide variety of radio emitter location requirements for many years. 

HuntMaster's partner software unleashes the power of our radio direction finders units. Remote DF site control is possible through a graphical intuitive interface that's changing the way radio direction finding is done. We're building SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) products capable of networking various DF Stations into a powerful mesh radio localization tool, capable of plotting accurate triangulation from a variety of mobile or fixed DF sites.

HuntMaster blends into a single product a system which is simple enough for anyone to use, yet powerful enough for the most demanding Direction Finding scenarios thinkable. Our services includes complete turnkey solutions. From project conception, technical design, installation and training.


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